#BadMoonOnTheRise Day 28 Hell Is Coming (Watchers #1) by N.P. Martin @NPMartinAuthor #books #fantasyhorror

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Day 28 brings us N.P. Martin!  Hell Is Coming is the first in a series and is currently FREE!


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Leia Swanson has always believed in monsters, especially after one killed her parents when she was seven years old.

Now eighteen, Leia is being forced to confront those same monsters when they suddenly become part of her every day existence. Her life now turned upside down, she is drawn into a world of demons and the supernatural, where she must learn to fight for her life.

With help from an Uncle she never knew existed—one who harbours a dark secret concerning her mother—Leia must learn the ways of the Watcher’s, an underground group tasked with controlling the dark supernatural forces that threaten to destroy the world of humans. To become what she needs to be, Leia must put her life and very soul on the line, forever changing who and what she is.

Hell is coming for Leia Swanson—and she must do more than just survive to keep her soul.

How long have you been writing horror/thrillers and what drew you to the genre?

I have been writing some kind of horror since I first started writing as a teenager. The first novel I ever read was Salem’s Lot by Stephen King, which then opened the door to a whole slew of other horror novels that I devoured over the coming years, novels by the likes of Clive Barker, James Herbert, Shaun Hutson, Ramsey Campbell and many more. I also love to watch movies and TV shows in the genre, so I’m very familiar with it, as well as being in love with all things dark and sinister.  So when I came to start writing seriously a few years ago, the horror/supernatural genre was the obvious choice for me to write in since I know and love it so well. There is just so much you can do it in it. As a genre, horror offers a writer quite a bit of scope to write any kind of story they wish.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

When I decided to write seriously, I looked at the market to see what was selling and what wasn’t, but staying within my interests. So I ended up choosing the dark fantasy horror genre to write in, since it seemed to encompass what I was already interested in as a writer, as well as offer good commercial potential, which is something you definitely have to consider if you want to make a living!

I also love TV shows like Supernatural and Grimm, so I drew inspiration from those shows as well. My influences are obvious in the first book I wrote, Hell Is Coming, the first book in my Watchers series. By the time I wrote the second and third books in the series, I had found my own voice and the story became something unique and original. The last two books are actually set in Hell, so for a horror writer, that was a lot of fun to play around in.

I also wanted to create a strong female character for the series, which I did with Leia Swanson. I enjoy writing female characters more than I do male characters. I don’t know why, I just find them more interesting. The eventual story in the books then stemmed from that character.

If you could erase one horror cliché, what would it be?

Zombies! A bit overdone these days, I think.

What are you working on now?

I have almost finished writing a novella about a side character in my Watchers series, Lucas the demon. It will be called, Lucas: Origins Of A Demon. As the title  suggests, the book will describe his background, where he came from, how he became a demon etc. It’s fun expanding on characters like that, and interesting to find out more about them.

Favorite horror movie and book?

My favourite horror novel isn’t really classed as a horror novel, but it’s American Psycho. I just love that book, it’s a masterpiece. In a more traditional horror sense, maybe Salem’s Lot as it started me on this road in the first place.

Favourite horror movie is “Alien”. Again, not straight out horror, but more frightening than most of the full on horror movies I’ve watched. For full on horror, I’d have to say “Evil Dead 2”. No explanation needed on that one!

Author bio

N.P. Martin is the author of dark and urban fantasy novels. He is the creator of the Watchers series, a number of unnamed (21)short stories and various bestselling non-fiction books on self defense and martial arts.

He is enjoying his current foray into the fictional darkness, so much so that he intends to do it until he dies, after which he will spend the afterlife gathering material for a series he has planned when he eventually comes back.

Where to find N.P.

Twitter: @NPMartinAuthor

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