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bad moon on the rise

Welcome to Day 16 of Bad Moon On The Rise!  Our guest today is C.S. Boyack.  I’ve seen several good reviews on another book by this author, The Experimental Notebook of C.S. Boyack.



Thanks for inviting me over, Teri. October is my favorite month. The changing seasons, the colors, and crisp air are wonderful. Then, of course, there is Halloween.

I write speculative fiction. This includes science fiction and fantasy, but my paranormal work is the showcase here today. I’ve written several, but would like to present Will O’ the Wisp today.

Wisp is the story of Patty Hall. She’s fifteen and starting her freshman year in high school. She has a mild handicap, and an over-protective mother to deal with. While stargazing one night, she stumbles across a menacing phenomenon called the Will O’ the Wisp. She is into the space race and science fiction, so she jumps to the wrong conclusion. Her family has been under a curse for hundreds of years, and the curse is catching up with her. If she doesn’t act soon, she may join her family members in the local cemetery.

This story is set in the 1970s, and is suitable for young adults. It includes a strong coming of age story along with an incredible amount of suspense. It’s been called “The Wonder Years meets The Exorcist” by one reviewer. I hope your readers will take a chance on a great Halloween story.

How long have you been writing horror/thrillers and what drew you to the genre?

I call my self a writer of speculative fiction. I don’t limit myself to strictly one sub category, and never really considered myself a horror writer. I like to escape when I read, so my Muse might push me towards science fiction or fantasy on occasion. All my stories have some kind of speculative element in them. In this case, it’s a paranormal story.

How did you come up with the idea for Will O’ the Wisp?

This one is kind of funny. I was watching Brave with my grandchildren. It has a Will O’ the Wisp in it. My movie ended then and there. Grandpa checked out and my mind was off to the races. I seem to remember something about archery and a bear, but the Muse will not be denied.

If you could erase one horror cliché, what would it be?

Things become cliché because they work. The problem is when they become too convenient and common. In horror, it would be nice to eliminate the illogical decisions. Why hide behind the wall of chainsaws when the car is setting right there?

What are you working on now?

I just published a book of short stories, called The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack. This includes paranormal stories, but also has some science fiction and fantasy inside. Most of my Fall has been spent on promotional activities. By the time this posts, I’ll be neck deep in edits of my next novel, The Playground. It’s a paranormal tale with some science fiction sprinkles on top. It’s about a social network for children that’s sole purpose is to brainwash them into corporate servitude.

Favorite horror movie and book?

See you caught me here. I’m the speculative guy, so I have to say my favorite horror movie is An American Werewolf in London. I’m torn on how to answer the book. I love the original Dracula, this was before vampires became sparkly love interests. The epistolary style really sucked me in. I also loved Jurassic Park, because it is speculative in nature.

Author Bio

I was born in a town called Elko, Nevada. I like to tell everyone I was born in a small town in the 1940s. I’m not quitecraig2 that old, but Elko has always been a little behind the times. This gives me a unique perspective of earlier times, and other ways of getting by. Some of this bleeds through into my fiction.

I moved to Idaho right after the turn of the century, and never looked back. My writing career was born here, with access to other writers and critique groups I jumped in with both feet.

I like to write about things that have something unusual. My works are in the realm of science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy. The goal is to entertain you for a few hours. I hope you enjoy the ride.

This book is available on Amazon. There is one link for the North American Continent, and another for the rest of the world.

Find Craig at:

Buy links

United States: Amazon 

Rest of the world: Amazon

18 thoughts on “#BadMoonOnTheRise Day 16 Will O’ the Wisp by C.S. Boyack @Virgilante #books #horror

  1. Nice interview! I’ve read Will O’ the Wisph and it makes a great shivery read for this time of year.

    And, Craig, you’ve made me realize that I’ve never the original Dracula. I might have to rectify that soon!


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