#BadMoonOnTheRise Day 12 3 Sisters by Kshitij @kshitijb44 #books #horror

bad moon on the rise

Here we are at Day 12 with Kshitij!  Sounds like his MC never heard the phrase ‘Be careful what you wish for.’


Director Marc Benson can do no wrong.  He’s the golden boy of the hour with a string of romance hits and the love and adoration of fans around the world.  At a press conference, baited by washed up rival director, Paul Costa, Marc vows to make the world’s greatest horror movie in a year!  No one can believe their ears.   

 In the following months, Marc’s isolation has his friends worried. There is no movie.  Day after day he tries to come up with a fresh idea, but there seems to be none. Marc makes no progress.  Desperate and feeling the pressure of the looming deadline, Marc sinks deeper into alcohol, cocaine and sex. His horror movie is turning him into the director from hell!

One night, under the influence, Marc crashes his car, but manages, through a haze of blood, to get out and clear his head.  He’s near a cemetery and the first thing he sees is the tombstones of the three DeJesus sisters—the three witches of Mulberry.  As the gatekeeper weaves the tale of the beautiful but tragic sisters, Marc knows he has his movie—3SISTERS

Marc’s excitement skyrockets and he writes the script overnight!  He’s going to meet his deadline, have a powerhouse movie and prove Paul Costa wrong!   But Marc never realizes that dreams, drugs and delusions make for strange bedfellows and it all began the fateful night he saw the graves of the three sisters!


How long have you been writing horror/thrillers and what drew you to the genre?

It’s been five years since I started writing seriously. Before that, I was only penning stories for leisure. It all started dramatically. One night I woke up with a start from a nightmare and it was so intense and daunting that I spent the rest of my night thinking about it. The next few days, I spent developing a plot about how bloodcurdling a nightmare could be and that idea gave birth to AGONY. This novel has a very dark premise. It is based on occult, rituals and gates of hell; it’s a story of girl trapped in her own dreams.

Since then, I have more ideas than the time to write them. Last year, I’d started Dark n Devilry horror series to separate my horror stories with rest of my work.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

I’ve always been a fan of Horror movies. In fact they are the major source of inspiration to me. So, I always wanted to write something about 80s horror movies, the time I greatly cherish. I’d this idea for a long time. In 3SISTERS, successful Hollywood director, Marc Benson takes on the challenge to make the greatest horror movie ever and eventually he finds a story for his script- the story which is not only true, but also has been kept a secret.

All hell breaks loose, when this story is actually is made into a movie.

If you could erase one horror cliché, what would it be?

“We should just stick together and everyone would be fine,” someone in the group says and although it seems like a safe idea, somehow people always manage to stray away and put themselves into trouble.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a full length novel right now. It’s about a man with a disturbed history. But he strives hard to get out of his troubled past, and tries to create a meaningful future with his kind and understanding girlfriend and an appealing job.

Then one stormy evening, he meets his new, strange and socially awkward teenage neighbour- someone who doesn’t even belong to this century!

It’s my first haunting story, with a lot of mystery, and it relies less on gore and blood. That’s why I plan not to publish it under Dark n Devilry Series.

Favourite horror movie and book?

This is my favourite question! It’s very difficult to pick up one. But the one horror movie I can watch over & again is Grudge. I liked both the Japanese and English version.

Other movies I enjoyed are Drag Me to Hell (2007), Pin (1988) and The Haunted (1995)

For Book, The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty, and The Dark Half by Stephen King.

Author Bio 

Kshitij was born in Agra, India. He likes to spend most of his time thinking, while 8063064travelling or performing his day job. When not reading or writing, he’d steal time from his routine to get lost in some new or forgotten land, learning about food or culture or doing a whole hearted research for his new book.

His base genre is horror, mostly supernatural, though he hopes to write books on diverse topics in future.

His favourite novels include Contempt, The Exorcist and House of Sand & Fog.

Where to find Kshitij

Twitter: @Kshitijb44



Buy links

3 Sisters Amazon

Goodbye John (Dark n Devilry Book 1) Amazon

3 Sisters excerpt:

“Lights, Camera… Action!”

A gust of wind floated out of nowhere and rocked the piles of golden hair before drifting down. Each time the wind touched Lucy, it disseminated the scent of her body in the surroundings. She was not happy. She was not sad. Her eyes were filled with an innocence of a just-born puppy, gaping blankly at her immobile sisters lying on her either side. She dug her knees into the sticky soil, her hands quivering as they rolled over the faces of her dead sisters. She forced shut their eyelids. That’s when the first drop of tears slid down from her eyes. And then another. The droplets quickly formed into a flood of tears rushing past her eyes, soaking her face. Her face was blotched black as the mascara melted down. She sobbed and the pain of loneliness overwhelmed her emotions, but with blurred vision, she stared at the blue moon, as if asking it why it had to happen. And that’s when a terrifying scream left her throat and echoed for miles. She forgot how to speak or cry, and only howled like a wild thing. Anguish throttled her body and her wild moans were swept across the fields by the whispering air.               

The focus of the primary camera shifted towards a brawny man, carrying a century old royal dagger with a silver quoted line. The second camera captured about dozen people standing still with their weapons in front of Lucy and her sisters.

They were silent but mentally alert and were prepared for any kind of attack by the grieving figure. But Lucy wailed inconsolably, and didn’t seem to notice the danger rounding her from every direction. The man was now breathing down her neck. As he brought the dagger near her back, he hesitated for a moment and then closed his eyes. Finally, he pushed the blade down towards her heart. The first stab took an effort to infiltrate her body, but the stabbings that followed were smooth. Blood spilled down through her mouth and rolled down on her porcelain dress. She gasped at the deep gnash, noticing the red channels flowing all around. But the pain never overcame the grief, as the tears still seeped out of her eyes.  Gradually they turned red. Lucy rested her arms on the ground, her claws soaked in blood and within a second she sprang at her attacker.


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