#BadMoonOnTheRise Day 11 Beneath The Boards by David Haynes @davidhaynes71 #books #horror

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Let’s welcome David Haynes and his book, Beneath The Boards.  Seriously. Creepy. Cover.

unnamed (10)

Beneath Jim Stokes’s shirt is a scar, one last horrific reminder of his old job in the police force.

Beneath the everyday normality of the village Stormark is a shameful secret, haunting people’s dreams.

Beneath the floorboards of the lake house is a hatch, sealed and forgotten for years until Stokes opens it up.

Beneath them all is blackness, and unheard screams, and scratching sounds in the night…
…And her whispers.


How long have you been writing horror/thrillers and what drew you to the genre?


I’ve been trying to write scary stories for as long as I can remember but I’ve been publishing on Amazon for about three years now.  I’ve always loved horror as a genre, whether that be reading or watching. I don’t read and watch horror exclusively but it’s my ‘go to’ genre so trying to write horror stories has always seemed natural.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

Beneath the Boards was tricky because it didn’t start off as it finished, if that makes sense. Yes, I’d intended on writing a ghost story but it became much darker than I’d intended. The reason for that was the main character and the problems he encounters as a result of what had happened to him and what was happening to him. They became linked in a way that grew organically as I was writing. In some chapters I remember thinking to myself that I had to throw off the shackles and go for it. The response has been largely positive.

If you could erase one horror cliché, what would it be?

I’m sorry but the whole Sparkly vampire thing is too much for me. Vampires are nasty blood-sucking creatures who kill people. Let’s enjoy them like that and not as people who are a bit misunderstood. They’re monsters, damn good monsters.

What are you working on now?

I’m writing a book with the working title of ‘The Wink’ or ‘I can see you there.’ It depends on how I feel on the day. I don’t want to say too much because my stories have a wonderful habit of evolving.  But it is a horror story, it has a very creepy (I hope) opening chapter and it should be released early next year.

Favorite horror movie and book?

Tough one!

I’m not sure I can pick just one of each. If I had to though, I would say my favourite horror film would be The Amityville Horror (1979 version), the reason being that when I first watched it and found out it was based on a true event, I said “Oh S**t!”

I went through a phase of reading Stephen King’s and James Herbert’s books in an alternating pattern. These were probably my favourite reading years (14-20) so if I choose a book from that time frame that would be easier for me.

I’m going to go for  It by Stephen King. I have never been a fan of clowns and just thinking about it makes me feel a little bit anxious.


Author Bio

David Haynes has been making up stories since he was very young. His first story unnamed (11)entitled, “How the Greenhouse Actually Got Smashed, Dad!” got him into trouble and went unpublished. Nevertheless, the stories continued and the desire to write them down grew stronger.

David now writes stories in the genre he loves the most – the dark, mysterious and delicious world of horror! The two main influences on his writing are Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe who he considers masters of the shadowy world.

So far he has written a collection of sinister stories set on the dark streets of Victorian London and in the gloriously opulent Paris of the nineteenth century. Both represent his love for the history of our greatest cities and the dark deeds that were done on their shadowy streets.

He is also now stretching his wings and writing stories in a modern setting.

One day he hopes to be able to write full-time in order to get all those stories out of his own mind and into the minds of others.

The question is – dare you read anymore?

Where to find David



Twitter:  @davidhaynes71

Buy links

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