#BadMoonOnTheRise Day 7 From Away by Deke Mackey, Jr. @dekemackeyjr #books #horror

bad moon on the rise

Here we are at Day 7 with Deke Mackey, Jr.!  The setting of his book is an island where you DON’T want to be stranded.  We’re not talking about Gilligan’s island here, folks.


unnamed (3)

Impossibly ancient. Eternally patient.

Something is lurking in the cold, black waters surrounding Mossley Island. An arcane and eldritch horror. Hungry. Craving the flesh – and perhaps the very souls – of all who live there.

For fifty years it’s waited. As those who so valiantly defended the island against its last invasion have succumbed to age. Died off. Allowing it to fade from secret history into half-forgotten myth.

Now It’s mounting a new attack. It wants the island and this time… Its evil intentions will not be denied.

The first eerie chapter in a suspense-filled seven-part serial of buried secrets, dark places and the occult follows Dawn, a teenager from the mainland, as she accompanies her wayward father back to his hometown and the family he abandoned before she was born.

Hoping to understand where she comes from, Dawn gets more than she bargained for as she begins to uncover the island’s secret societies, a dark conspiracy that may endanger all of mankind, and her own shocking blood destiny.


How long have you been writing horror/thrillers and what drew you to the genre?

From Away is my debut release, but I’ve been writing with a mind to self-publish since 2010.

I’m drawn to horror for the tension and release. The slow, dread-filled build-up and the sudden shocking blood-soaked payoff. I love the anxiety of worrying for characters I’ve come to feel strongly about, knowing all the while that real and severe consequences may await them around any corner. And I love to be shocked and horrified by what eventually transpires. Hopefully, I’m able to provide a little of that experience to my readers as well.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

I was living on Prince Edward Island at the time: A small province off the east coast of Canada, accessible from the mainland by ferry, flight or… By crossing eight miles of bridge.

The construction of this bridge – I was surprised to discover – had been opposed by many islanders. Which led me to ponder: “What possible reason could they have for preferring to keep themselves isolated from the rest of the continent?”

From Away is the result of my pondering.

If you could erase one horror cliché, what would it be?

Dream sequences. Horror authors and filmmakers seem to use dreams as an opportunity for their most interesting and unusual choices and imagery, only to erase any real impact or consequence by revealing that real world of the story has not been in any way affected and remains unchanged. Truly shocking moments that could send the story in a new direction are negated. Bizarre and surreal visuals? Fun while they lasted, but forgotten as quickly as a nightmare after sun-up. Dream sequences are a sad and sorry device, and only ever leave me feeling cheated.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on From Away – Book Three. Still looking good – with fingers tightly crossed – for an October release.

Favorite horror movie and book?

In constant flux. I’ll give current top twos for each.
Movies: Jaws and Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Books: Clive Barker’s Books of Blood. Stephen King’s Night Shift.

Author Bio:

Deke Mackey Jr. has spent most of his life sitting cross-legged in a corner. Rocking in place. Knocking his head unnamed (4)against the wall. Quietly telling himself stories.  Recently? He’s been getting louder.  Occasionally, he can be found making trouble at: www.dekemackeyjr.com

Where to find Deke:

Email: deke@dekemackeyjr.com
Website: dekemackeyjr.com

Buy links:


OR available through my website, at: http://dekemackeyjr.com/books/


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