WIPpet Wednesday

At best, my participation in WIPpet Wednesday has been spotty this summer, but you 11813318_1061843633833437_2993938977966825332_nknow how life is.  Anyway, I’m back – for this week at least.

My son has been in Canada for the past week visiting his girlfriend – that’s a pic he sent to me from their climbing trip this past Sunday.  Inspiring?  Dangerous?  Crazy?  Brave?  Comments have varied on Facebook.  No doubt it’s a breathtaking view.  Personally, I wish I could have climbed with them because for me, there’s something about an adrenaline rush that cleans out the cobwebs and gets the ideas flowing.  Does that happen for anyone else?

Anyhoo – on to WIPpet Wednesday.  Today’s WIPpet is from a short story that came to me about a month ago that I just began writing last week, so it’s a VERY rough draft.  Willa is somewhere around 14-years-old (she hasn’t told me her exact age yet)  and is waiting to board a plane.  Her ability/curse is that she can hear other people’s thoughts, whether she wants to or not.  My math is simple today – five sentences.

Some people broadcast louder than others without even being aware of what they were doing.  Usually these were either the very happy people who were high on life, or those whose thoughts were dark and twisted, full of the wrongs they’d committed.  Willa had learned early in life that evil existed in the world and was often horrified at what she heard in other’s minds.  Some acted on those thoughts, but the majority of people didn’t.  Unfortunately for Willa, she’d encountered more than her share of those who did.

Make the rounds to the other WIPpeteers here.  As always, thanks to K.L. Schwengel for hosting!



12 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. kathils

    Scary photo. Scary. I’m not a heights person. I wish I was, because the thrill of it and the views must be magnificent.

    Great excerpt. Makes me wonder where it’s going to lead.


    1. Thanks, Emily! I think it would be pretty annoying to hear my thoughts – always have music playing, making lists, ideas for writing – it’s a noisy, busy place.


  2. *shudder* Poor Willa. How awful. She can come sit next to me sometime. My thoughts can get dark, but usually I’m just daydreaming. 😀

    Looks like your son has all the proper gear, so I’m gonna go with FUN! My dad was a climber and, when we were little enough for whatever it was he sued to support our weight, he hooked up some equipment to let us climb our not-climbing-wall wall. I always wanted to try the real stuff, but after a car accident on a cliff, I developed a fear of heights. :-/


  3. I’m going with “terrifying” for that picture. I guess “inspiring” works too, as long as I don’t have to be the one climbing!

    Love this line: “Unfortunately for Willa, she’d encountered more than her share of those who did.” Poor Willa. I sense that’s where the story comes in.


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