WIPpet Wednesday

Well, it’s been quite a few weeks since I posted anything for WIPpet Wednesday, cropped-beach_books211.jpgmostly because of getting ready for vacation, being on vacation, and recovering from vacation.  When did vacations become so stressful?  Anyway, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.

So, this week, I have a WIPpet from Chapter 15.  It’s getting a little difficult to post things without giving away spoilers, but I’ll keep trying.  This week finds Cain and Lindsey on their first date, but things didn’t go as Cain had hoped.

……..wrong with him?  This isn’t normal, Finn.  Maybe we should call an ambulance.”

My back was stiff and I felt the unyielding wood of the park bench beneath me.  How long had I been out this time?  Unless Finn had happened to be nearby, it would have taken him at least twenty minutes to drive here, and that didn’t count trying to find parking.  “Dude, you were right,” I mumbled.

“Of course I was.  I usually am, but what about this time?”

“Sarah.  She was here and took over.  She drained my energy and that’s why I’m like this.”

“Sarah?  No one named Sarah was here.  See, Finn, I told you he wasn’t making any sense and he needs to see a doctor,” Lindsey argued.

Journey to the other WIPpeteers blogs here.  Much appreciation to K.L. Schwengel for hosting!

10 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. kathils

    Oooh… nice. Poor Lindsey. Makes me wonder if she’s going to stick it out or run for the hills.

    And isn’t it a sad state of affairs when we need a vacation to recover from vacation?


  2. Our ten-day Oregon vacation in February was exhausting! We did something every single day, and bookended that with two cross country flights (well, four, actually, because we got the added adventure of fast layovers and scrambling to get everyone and their bags through the vast tangle that is O’Hare, both ways…

    Poor Cain…and poor Lindsey! What’s it got to be like, having him just kind of disappearing like that? Not the best way to begin a dating relationship…


  3. I haven’t had to sprint through O’Hare yet, but some people might have been trampled recently in Atlanta. I’ve never been to Oregon, but hubby and I plan on touring wineries there hopefully in the not too distant future!


  4. *shudders* It’s heebiejeebie time. Guess that first date didn’t go so well. I wonder if Lindsey will agree to a second. She might just drop him right there or be so intrigued by the ghost story that she wouldn’t dare drop him and risk missing out on it. 🙂


  5. Sounds like a big hot mess for all involved. I take it Cain hasn’t spoken much to Lindsey about his problems (granted, I can see why). But the fact that she called Finn and not an ambulance in the first place strikes me as odd.

    And… my sympathies on the vacation blues. Been there, far too often. Just take it slow, breathe and do what you can.


    1. You’re right – Lindsey doesn’t know about Sarah yet, but in her defense, earlier in a paragraph that’s not in the snippet, she wanted to call an ambulance, but Cain begged her not to and asked her to call Finn.

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