It’s Beach Read Time! #beachreads

It’s that time again – that week where all I need is the beach, my books, an umbrella, images (1)and a cooler and I’m one happy girl.  I finished up a couple books for reviews the past week, so my beach books are all from my personal TBR pile and when you see some of the selections, you’ll know how long they’ve been dormant in that pile, just longing to be read and enjoyed.  What a sad life they’ve led so far.  I’d say lonely too, but they’ve been in good company with all the other TBR books.

Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Emily St. John Mandel, author of Station Eleven, speak at my local library, so vacation for me actually started early.  She’s an eloquent speaker (which explains the beautiful flow of her writing) with a wonderful sense of humor.  unnamed (1)Even better, she read a couple of pages from Station Eleven – the same section I’d been reading while waiting for the presentation to begin – how cool is that?

So, here are the beach read books for this year – I probably won’t be able to finish all of them next week, but I’ll give it a hell of a shot!




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