WIPpet Wednesday

So, I got my son to percussion camp and over the course of 30 hours and 4 flights, images (3)finished up one book and started and finished another.  I didn’t get much writing done, but the camp was at the university campus where I got my undergraduate degree and I hadn’t been back there in many years, so it was fun to drive around, show my son where his parents had met, and see how the campus had changed.  Hubby and I are going back to pick him up in a couple of days and hope to have some time to do a little more exploring and reminiscing.

My math this week is a few paragraphs from chapter 7.  Cain and Finn are having a conversation regarding Cain’s suspicions about his room being haunted because of the attic door opening on its own, among other things.

“A/C vent placement?  I’m not certified in HVAC, but it’s a possibility.  There could be a breeze from an open attic window or from downstairs or even from someone opening another door in the house.  If it’s windy outside and the back door is open at my house, the laundry door slams closed.  Pressure can be a freaky thing.  Same with the attic door opening on its own.”

Rubbing my face, I thought about what Finn said.  It was all possible and he made some good points.  Was I just overreacting?  No one else in the house had noticed anything unusual.

“Dude, you know I believe in the paranormal and I’m a fan of all that’s weird and supportive of people letting their freak flags fly, but I’m just saying, don’t jump to any conclusions, alright?”

Exhaling the breath I didn’t know I’d been holding, I said, “Yeah.  You’re right, Finn.  Of course you’re right.”

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15 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. I know plenty of people who’d try to find the scientific, so-called rational explanation first, instead of considering anything paranormal. As much as I believe in unexplained phenomena, I’d probably try to find a normal reason first too.


    1. I’d do the same thing. Cain has too, but there are some other things that have happened Finn isn’t aware of yet. It’s good to have that rational friend you can talk it over with, right?


  2. Love it! I love that Finn is all for the paranormal, but he won’t jump to that conclusion. He reminds me of Houdini, in that sense. Houdini wanted so much to believe in the paranormal, but he went around exposing the medium’s tricks, too.


  3. Ha! I was born a skeptic—I didn’t even really believe in Santa as a kid. I’d be on Finn’s side if I didn’t have the feeling he’s wrong. LOL!


  4. There’s explanation and then there are explanations…. Sounds like Finn and Cain are going to get one they don’t expect, and soon. (And… really, that’s cool! I’d try to find the “why” and explain it in “real” terms too.)


  5. At least you got plenty of reading done on your travels–just as good as writing, and sometimes a lot more fun, haha. 30 hours and 4 flights though (x2!) does not sound fun at all, I hope you’ve both recovered now!

    I love Finn’s logical approach, though I don’t think it’s going to help Cain any in the long run… A little mean though, when I think about it: convince him it’s perfectly logical, then it’ll scare him all the more when it’s not. :p


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