WIPpet Wednesday

As far as writing, I finally came up with the ending of this story over the past week – I download (4)knew what had to happen, but wasn’t entirely clear on how to get there.  So there’s that.  Got a decent amount written last week, but it doesn’t look good for the next week.  I have to get the youngest son to and from percussion camp, which involves two flights and about twenty hours of driving when all is said and done, plus we’ll be out of town for a few days.  Anyway, on to the WIPpet.

From prior WIPpets, we know Cain has a high maintenance girlfriend he’s not completely enamored of and he also sustained a concussion during a soccer game and has been missing some time.  The following is his conversation with Finn after Cain is told he broke up with Erin – which was news to him.  Since the date is 6/10, I’ve given you a few paragraphs from chapter 7.

Learning from others about what I’d done was like hearing stories of someone else’s life.  “I broke up with her?”

“Broke up with her?  Cain, you decimated her.  You told her what a horrible person she is – shallow, narcissistic, snobbish, and seriously lacking in intelligence.  I never knew you understood such big words.  You also told her all the designer clothes and makeup in the world would never make her into something she’s not and to get the hell away from you for good.”

Holy crap.  I’d said that?  It wasn’t a lie – that’s really how I feel about her, but saying it in public, in front of a hallway full of students, wasn’t really the way I’d have handled it – consciously, I mean.  However it happened, I should probably celebrate.  The wicked witch is dead.

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18 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. I love when you figure out the ending. It just sort of hits you like lightning sometimes. Good luck with your WIP. In the meantime, if you don’t get a lot of time to write, at least you’ll have time to read on the plane.


    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking – reading on the plane! You’re right about lightning – I still can’t explain where the idea for the ending came from, but it must have been lurking in my brain somewhere.

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  2. Errrrrg. I don’t think I’d be celebrating if I found out after the fact I treated someone that way, regardless of how much they deserved it. Poor Cain. That would be quite the shock, however happy the results.


  3. kathils

    So, it started with this “Since the date is 6/10, I’ve given you a few paragraphs from chapter 7” and just got better from there. Well, not for the poor girl, but wow! pull no punches, Cain! I can’t imagine what it would be like to be missing gaps of time. I’d always suspect folks were filling in events that didn’t really happen just to get a giggle. Yes, my family members would do that. 😉 Now, of course, Cain has to face her again… at some point.


  4. I’m with ReGi. I’d at least try to apologize (I bet he won’t… because it’s also hard to imagine facing someone you know you’ve hurt that badly). I can also wonder, does this mean she’ll change?


  5. Congratulations on figuring out the ending! And travelling can be such a pain, can’t it? The worst point is always how there’s the hope of managing to write on the way, but it never seems to pan out…

    I love how Cain seems almost contrite about it, even though he doesn’t remember doing it — and then finishes off with “However it happened, I should probably celebrate. The wicked witch is dead.” Made me laugh out loud.


  6. My guess is that the wicked witch is anything but dead. She’s liable to pop up when he least expects her, maybe planning to get revenge for something he did without even really realizing it, and not remembering it, now.

    I’m of the ‘try to at least explain, and make it better if I can’ camp….because repercussions, and karma…

    Hooray for the ending revelation! Love when that happens.

    Hope you’ll be able to enjoy your trip, whether writing happens, or not…


    1. I’m in that karma camp with you – seen it happen many times. The trip will be rushed, but I’m hoping to have some extra writing time for the few days I’ll be down one son and hubby out of town.

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