WIPpet Wednesday

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!  Hubby and I left the kids home download (3)and went to Nashville for a couple of days and found some great new restaurants and spent a beautiful day on the golf course.  Not that I play golf – I ride along and appreciate the gorgeous, calming scenery, have some laughs watching the hubby try to putt, and get a chunk of reading done – a win-win situation, right?

Today’s WIPpet finds Cain and Finn trying to understand what just happened.  While they were gaming in Cain’s bedroom, the attic door creeped opened, then a small mini-tornado developed, sucking up the various detritus on Cain’s floor (don’t laugh, this could totally happen in my oldest son’s room – where do you think I got the idea?).  Math – 5 sentences from chapter 9.

As the funnel dissipated and the objects dropped back to the floor, Finn and I stared at each other for what seemed like an hour, although it was probably closer to ten seconds.

“Ooookay.  You saw that too, right?”

I heard him, but my mind was busy processing, replacing the empty spaces with memories from last week – the coldness in the attic, the certainty someone had been sitting on my bed while I was half asleep, the conversation I’d had with Mom about Sarah’s blood found in the attic.  I remembered.

Make the rounds to the other WIPpeteers blogs here.  Thanks to our host, K.L. Schwengel!

22 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. interesting to read this while there are tornadoes outside my window =P this totally could have happened in my room, as a kid and as an adult. Lots of intrigue in this excerpt.


  2. I get this feeling (and I’m probably wrong) that some kind of self from the future or past has reconnected with Cain. Like a rush of time spinning out of control for a second…


  3. Creepy! I like how Finn reacts. He sounds like he’s trying to be all nonchalant about it while underneath he’s freaking out and possibly hoping Cain will tell him it was nothing after all.


  4. Ah, yeah, time to move…. I’d be out of there! I don’t think I’d even try to convince myself it was my imagination. Creeeeepy. Maybe the creepy possible entity hates messy rooms. Like. “Stop messing up my house!” >.>


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