Jaded (Nirvana #1) by Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie

After sixteen-year-old Jade discovers her late grandmother was poisoned, she’s 20448650devastated yet determined to find the killer commune member and their motive.

With help from her mysterious friend Tyrian, and Peaches, the commune leader’s sweet daughter; Jade unearths dark secrets that involve her mother’s affair, her maternal grandparent’s abandonment, and a plethora of murders. To make matters worse, someone is hell bent on ending Jade’s mission for the truth.
Jade can’t continue conforming to an evil society and yet she fears the Outside is just as corrupt. If she resolves to flee and is caught, the punishment is banishment to the slave cabins… and blinding. – Goodreads.com

I’ve read a lot of YA and the author has developed an original concept in Jaded.

Jade is an easy character to like – although only sixteen years old, she’s struggling with the loss of her beloved grandmother, trying to decide which career path she will follow, and how to tell her best friend she’s in love with him.  Family is very important to her and their feelings figure prominently in her decision-making processes.

With all the insta-love happening in some YA books, the romantic relationship in this story was a refreshing change.  Ty and Jade grew up together as friends and the way their feelings for each other evolved into something more was very believable – just the right amount of awkward and sweet.

Something I struggled with was the unanswered questions.  I’m assuming many will be answered in the next book, but I would have liked some of the basics resolved in this first book to help me connect better with the story – more information on the background of Nirvana, who developed it and why, why some people from the outside live there and are allowed to move freely back and forth, the reason an eye operation is performed at the age of seventeen  – I never felt like I had a good grasp on why Jade wanted to escape.

Jaded is the first book in this series and the second, Hunted, was released in March.  If you’re a dystopian fan, take some time to check out this original concept in the genre.



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