WIPpet Wednesday

Wasn’t it just Wednesday yesterday?  Thinking about how the past week just sped by, I tried images (2)to account for what I’d been doing – I was busy, but was I productive?

Finally saw the new Avengers movie – loved it!  My college son came home for the summer, bringing me a monstrous pile of dirty laundry for Mother’s Day.  I’d imagined having the four of us go out to dinner Saturday night before the crowds on Mother’s Day, but both my sons were at a card shop in the middle of duels, so that turned into a night out with just my hubby, and I’ll never complain about that.  Worked, went to the gym, had a band parent’s meeting where I was voted in as an officer, picked up other son numerous times from band/art/friends, read two books and posted reviews but, wait a minute – did I write anything for my WIP?  Why, yes I did.  I had a block of time yesterday when the words just fell out of my head – and those times seem to come less often than I’d like.  I came up with some great ideas to add when I get into editing, so there’s that.  Combined with a few other chunks of writing time, I’m feeling pretty good about my production over the past week.

Today is my grandmother’s 90th birthday, so from chapter 9, you get thirteen lines.   Since Cain’s concussion, he’s been feeling a little out of it, so this is where we are.

The way I felt during my classes was similar to how I felt at home this morning.  I was there, but not there, detached.  My instructors asked questions and I’d wanted to answer, but felt like a there was a wall between my brain and my mouth.  It was giving me a headache.

“Cain, are you in there?  Hello?” 

“Should we take him to the nurse?  This can’t be good.”

Voices.  They sounded so distant.  I knew it was Finn and Lindsey, but where were they?  Then, my head snapped to the right, as Finn’s hand connected with my cheek.

“What the hell was that for?”  I shouted.

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18 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. I’m wondering why Finn would think slapping someone who’s recently had a concussion is remotely a good idea. Taking him to the nurse seems like a way better idea than knocking his brain into his skull – again….

    A lot of my life is the ‘I know I did lots of stuff, but now what was it” thing. That’s something I love about ROW80 and the only thing I find tolerable about writing homeschool reports- I get to see, very clearly, in list form, what I’ve accomplished. It really helps when the way life flows makes it hard to see in the moment!


    1. That’s funny you mentioned that about slapping him – in the next line that wasn’t included, Lindsey jumps all over Finn for doing that. Probably not the smartest – or dumbest – thing he’s ever done.

      When I read the ROW80 updates, it motivates me and I’ve started making some lists of my own. History has proven I’m more productive with lists!

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      1. Lindsey and I are on the same page – now, to get Finn there!

        I keep a running monthly list for ROW80, a round list (quarterly goals), and an annual one. Makes it a lot easier to see where I am, where I’m aiming, and what might get me there…


  2. Besides the impending bad karma Finn might have acquired for hitting Cain, this scene is just dreadful … I mean, if I was in Cain’s shoes, I’d be terrified (ie. full of dread). Something bad is going to happen, I JUST know it…. *makes squeaky shudders*

    Okay, sorry, my inner Pinkie Pie was just … well, being Pinkie Pie. Happy Birthday, Grandma! (I can say that for both of us, since my grandma just turned 93 this Saturday. 😀 ) Hope you got a chance to see her (I’m hoping to get out to see my grandparents soon as well. Once I’m done with the laundry maybe (that is an…impressive picture, btw).

    Have a great week, Teri.


    1. Thanks, Eden – and Happy Belated to your Grandma! She lives a few states away, so I wasn’t able to see her – tried calling several times, but she stays so busy in her assisted living center, she’s hard to catch up with.

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      1. Sounds like my grandmother used to be. She’s mostly homebound now, but… she always has company over. I swear, sometimes her home is more of a hotel.

        Hope you get to visit your grandma soon.


  3. Ugh, yes, I know how it feels to be there-but-not-there. Finn is lovably awful. I can’t decide if everyone needs one of him in their lives or if we’d all be better off without that kind of “tough love.” Hahaha!


  4. Oh, yes, slapping. That’s an awesome idea. >.< I love that they're discussing taking him to the nurse and yet SLAPPING is what happens. Effective, apparently, but OW. I'm docking friend points for that one, Finn. But I still like you.


  5. Sounds like you had a nicely productive week, I hope it’s keeping up that trend for you!

    Wow, Finn, that was a… pretty mean way to bring Cain back to the real world, considering the concussion! Remarkably effective, yes, but… mean. …And fun for us readers. :p


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