WIPpet Wednesday

I’ve been making slow, but steady progress with writing the past week.  Once school is out and I’m not playing chauffeur so much, my words/day should increase substantially.  And I’ll have my college son/backup driver home to help out.

I’m so excited about a September Writer’s Boot Camp Retreat I registered for 00yesterday – a long weekend in a gorgeous cabin in the Smoky Mountains with workshops and a one-on-one session with C.J. Redwine, author of the Defiance trilogy!  If you’re interested in some uninterrupted, quality writing time, workshops and critiques from an experienced, successful author, plus a private chef in a beautiful, scenic location, go here.

On to today’s WIPpet – today we find Lindsey visiting Cain at his house after he was released from the hospital following a concussion during a soccer game.  Below is a snippet from Chapter 6.  Just a reminder – Eby is Cain’s awesome cat.

As Lindsey played with Eby and talked about our assignment for English, I noticed the attic door behind her slowly creak open about a foot.  Eby froze, but stared at the door as it continued to open a few more inches.

Lindsey turned to see where the noise was coming from.  “Well, that’s weird.  Where does that door lead?”

Before I could answer, Eby went into defense mode, his fur bristling and a low growl emanating from his throat.  After a scathing hiss, he leapt from the bed and raced through the bedroom door.

Make sure to visit the other WIPpeteers at the linky thing.  Thanks again to host K.L. Schwengel!

15 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. I guess I have too much Scooby Doo and Nancy Drew in me… I’m curious. Cautious, but curious… Something tells me that this is NOT just a villain in a latex mask.

    I’ve pondered writing retreats (there’s a few by our area)… They always seem too hoity-toity or for another “level” of writing skill than I feel I have. So I’m a bit in awe.


  2. I’ve met this author a few times at the local bookfest and she’s definitely not the hoity-toity type – that wouldn’t be the type of retreat I’d be interested in. She’s also mentioned this retreat is for all levels of writers, beginner to more experienced, so I’m hoping there’s a wide range. You’re right about the villain – not Old Man Phelps wearing a mask!


  3. Always pay attention to the cat! Cats are perceptive and also ego-maniacs. They’ll slap a bear, so if it’s ditching the area, it’s probably for a really good reason. Brrr! Spooky, but I’m curious (you know, from a safe distance).
    I wish I could join you at the retreat – I love writing retreats. Alas, Alaska isn’t really driving distance. I hope it’s wonderful for you, though!


    1. I had no idea you were in Alaska! Definitely not driving distance. I agree about the cats – they know and understand more than people think. They just figure we’re not worthy enough to be let in on it.


  4. Always trust the animal. Watch them, and learn. Be careful, Lindsey!

    Wrtiers’ retreats are still a few years off for me…but i do go to my awesome group nearly every week, and twice a week at NaNo time!


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