WIPpet Wednesday

Let’s just say I was as happy as a person finding themselves alone in the Hershey download (2)factory at the bookfest last weekend.  I always learn something new from the workshops and meet some authors who offer some excellent advice and encouragement.  Not to mention buying more books!  I really tried to scale back on what I bought this year, because my TBR pile at last count was hovering around 90 books.  I may have slightly under-exaggerated that number, but who’s counting, right?

From last week, we know Cain sustained a concussion during a soccer game.  He’s been having some issues and below is a conversation he and Finn are having about said issues.  The paper rampage involves Cain’s yearbook.  I really love Finn for just laying it all out there.  My math is 4 paragraphs from chapter 4.

“Did you tell your parents about yesterday?  The missing hours?”

Looking down at my backpack, I began fumbling with one of the straps and shrugged.  “I guess I forgot.”

“You forgot.  After finding what was either the aftermath of your declawed cat on a paper rampage or you blacking out again and having a raging hate for football players.  Erin, a girlfriend you can’t stand, and someone who clearly needs therapy to break her mirror obsession – still dating her.  Blackouts and memory lapses after a head injury.  Do you tell your parents?  No.  What do these things have in common?  You’re an avoider, Cain.”

“An avoider?  Is that even a word?”

Show some love to the other WIPpeteers by visiting the link here.  Thanks to K.L. Schwengel for hosting!

23 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

    1. Cromulent – that’s the word I’ve been searching for! We’re really lucky to have an event like bookfest, and the writer’s workshops are all free. The featured author this year was Diana Gabaldon – I’ve never read her books, but her fans turned out in hordes.


      1. *jaw drop* *fangirl flail* ARE YOU SERIOUS? *cue all the jealousy* It was while reading her book Outlander that I first thought, “I want to be a writer.” *ahem* *gives back the comment thread she hijacked*


    1. Thanks, Alana! Even though Cain’s situation could be serious, some teens never seem to think anything could happen to them and they tend to joke about it instead.


  1. I like their dynamic, too. You’ve done a great job with the dialog, here. So much comes through about each of them and also about how they relate to each other. I like them both, which is a nice bonus.


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