WIPpet Wednesday

So, I missed WIPpet Wednesday last week.  Did you ever have one of those weeks whendownload (1) you solved one problem and three more popped up?  And then they spawned even more problems?  Oh – and most of them needed to be taken care of at the same time?  Yesterday was the first time in a week that I’ve had time to write.

The good news is that this weekend is the SOKY Bookfest and I get to spend all day Friday attending writing classes taught by some amazing authors and then panels with even more authors on Saturday!  Did I mention all the books that will be available to buy?  Signed by the authors?  Kind of makes up for last week, I think.

Moving on, we’re back to Cain – he was injured during a soccer game and wakes up in the hospital a little confused.  My math for today is 4 + 1 = 5 paragraphs from chapter 5.

“You’re in the hospital, sweetie.  You were injured in the soccer game today,” Mom replied, patting my shin softly.

“The soccer game was today?  And I played?”

“You’re concussed, bro.  You probably shouldn’t try to think very hard, it might use up any remaining brain cells.”

“You’re such an ass, Finn,” I said, really wanting to do him bodily harm right now.  And if my brain stopped sloshing around, maybe I would.

“Hey, we’ve all got parts to play, just doing mine.”  Was that my Dad’s snickering I heard?

Don’t forget to visit the other WIPpeteers this week here.  A big shout out to K.L. Schwengel for hosting!


12 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

    1. In the previous paragraphs, you’d see that Cain really does get support from his family – but I can see how it might sound like his family is unsupportive. Finn is his best friend and is just being a guy.

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  1. Well, Finn *is* kind of an ass. Hahaha! Poor Cain. I hope he’s back on his feet soon. I didn’t take his parents as being unsupportive—it just looks like that’s the kind of relationship they have.


  2. kathils

    “Hey, we’ve all got parts to play, just doing mine.” Mwahahahahaha!! This is a great scene because it so fits some members of my family — aw, hell — all members of my family.


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