WIPpet Wednesday

Wednesday sure does come around pretty fast.  I’ve spent more time on researching my setting this past week than writing.  A writing workshop I took last fall said to make your setting work for you, and when I thought about that, it gave me some great ideas that have added to the plot.  Then, I got a nice surprise when I looked at my word count for the past week and realized I’d written more than I thought.  So then I ate two Reese’s peanut butter eggs to celebrate.  After that I spent 45 minutes on the elliptical yesterday to undo the effects of my celebration.  Still totally worth it, though.

My math today is 3 + 2 + 5 = a few paragraphs from chapter 10.  Cain and Finn are discussing a paranormal event Cain may or may not have experienced.  Eby is Cain’s cat.

“And you’re positive, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it wasn’t Eby?  I’ve seen him passed out on your bed, all sprawled out, four paws to the sky, more than once.  There’s no judgment here, but he’s plenty big enough to leave a dip in the bed, and one of his paws could easily have brushed your face.”

I couldn’t argue with that.  Finn’s reasoning was logical.

“But I looked on the floor for him and Eby wasn’t here, it couldn’t have been him.”

“Dude, I’ve seen Eby come close to breaking the sound barrier when he gets freaked out by something, or even nothing at all.  He could have just felt the need to be downstairs all of a sudden.  He’s a little weird sometimes.  And him hissing at the attic door?  I’ve seen him hiss at a chair leg before, so a door?  Not a major shock.”

Make sure to stop by the other WIPpeteers blogs here.  Thanks to K.L. Schwengel for hosting!

14 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Ha! Eby sounds like my cat. We joke that she likes to attack air molecules. Maybe we’re having paranormal events like Cain may or may not be. 🙂


  2. Ahh, those practical types! Always lulling unsuspecting main characters into a false sense of security…

    However, one of my cats has a grudge against the floor and will occasionally launch vicious attacks on it and yet she’s permanently terrified she’s going to fall off it, so in a certain way I agree with Finn… cats might not be the best indicator of paranormal activity, haha.


  3. It’s the cat. Of COURSE it’s the cat! Cats do stuff to weird people out all the time, on purpose, I’m pretty sure. That’s what they exist for. To sit there looking all quiet and tame and happy and then jump at nothing and make you think there’s a ghost in the room.

    Great snippet. 🙂


  4. kathils

    “I’ve seen Eby come close to breaking the sound barrier when he gets freaked out by something, or even nothing at all. ” LMAO So cat. Love the exchange here, but I’m feeling a wee bit sorry for Eby. Seems like he’s getting picked on a bit.


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