WIPpet Wednesday

My son came home for a couple of days before heading south for spring break, images (3)although it’s a miracle he made it home considering he had practically no brakes on his car.  Him:  “Mom, my car makes a weird noise when I put on the brakes.”  Me:  “I’ll take care of it.”  After driving to the auto shop and hearing the sound of metal on metal when using the brakes, it’s a miracle I’m here to write this.  Oh – and although I send a rent check every month, it looks like he’s been living in his car – clothes, shoes, magazines, food – including the Christmas cookies I sent back with him in December, crushed and unopened, never having fulfilled their Christmas purpose.  Bet you can guess who’s not getting cookies anymore.

Anyway, moving on – today we have Cain asking Finn for advice on girls – a topic that, by now, Cain should have realized Finn is probably not the best person to ask – but they get a little side-tracked.  My math:  3 + 1 = chapter 4, 8 lines.

“Anyway, getting back to Erin, I don’t know what to say to her, Finn.  I need to break up with her, but she’s so used to getting her way, she’d probably just tell me that wasn’t an option, make me go shopping again, then force me to watch another marathon of The Vampire Diaries.”

“It’s really not such a bad show, you know, if you can look past all those male model types.  It’s got some hot girls.”

“Still not worth it.  No one ever dies on that show.  They come back, turn into vampires, hybrids, it’s hard to keep up.”

“Dude, it’s a little scary you know that much about it.  Are you sure you’re not into it?”

To read some really awesome WIPpets, go here.  Our amazing host is K.L. Schwengel.

24 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. kathils

    That last line is awesome!!

    And… um… well, I’m way beyond your son’s age and there are times my vehicle looks like what you describe! 😉


  2. Loved the excerpt. As for the car thing though, I think I can relate to your son. My indicator stick started making weird noises and I ignored it and then when I went home for the summer, my mum borrowed the car and asked how long the weird noises had been happening. It’d been months. 😛 By the time I got it to the mechanic, the left indicator had stopped completely. 🙂


  3. I’m digging out my ten year old’s room – it’s absolutely amazing how much garbage there is between the layers! It looks a lot like my cars did until I got my current one, and informed the entire family that it’s MINE, and, durn it, it’s going to be kept clean. I’ve had it almost a year and a half now, and, mostly, it’s been clean even after some long road and camping trips…

    But when I was in college, and after? My cars were rather terrifying. And I once drove hundreds of miles through torrential rain without wipers, because I wanted to see my long-distance boyfriend, and we hung out rather than getting them fixed while I was there. I stayed beside a semi the whole time I was on the interstate…

    This conversation in the snippet….golly, I love it! Spot on perfect for kids of that age!


  4. Haha. My daughter is only 7 and she manages to write on and keep so many tiny little bits of paper, and crafty stuff that end up with glitter and beads and everything in every nook and cranny all over the house. The bonus being that hubby always, always ends up with glitter on his face.
    I agree with Shanjeniah, the dialogue in your snippet was spot on.


    1. Thanks, Alison! My youngest son is the one who keeps scraps of paper, pieces of wood, old canvases, etc. for his art. When he was younger – glitter, beads, pipecleaners, feathers – everywhere.


  5. Haha–the WIPpet made me think of Mean Girls. Hate something, yet can’t shut up about it…

    You son’s car sounds like mine. Not the brakes, we got those fixed (been there, though). But with two kids, our back seat looks like it has a family of 10 living in it. O.o


      1. Entertainment, garbage, odd mittens and hats… more garbage… I need a car-sized garbage pail, is what I need. Or more responsible family members. 🙂

        I’m scared to see my older son with his own car. He’s off in his own little world so much, he probably wouldn’t notice the brakes making weird noises. O.o


  6. Haha, it sounds like they BOTH know far more about the show than they’re letting on! Absolutely brilliant snippet.

    A lot of people I know have cars that look like they’ve been lived in. Food, clothes, gods only know what else… Mine has jump leads and ice-scraping tools. Mind, that’s because it’s inside the house that looks like a bomb hit it instead. I don’t know how he managed to not eat the cookies you sent though. I mean, they’re *cookies*!


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