Hildie at the Ghost Shore by Paula Cappa

Hildie is the mistress of Runecraft. Come meet her in Belgium and experience the 2940045272674_p0_v1_s260x420magic of the Runes, Sleipnir, and Odin. If you like quiet little mystery stories with a flavor of the past, and a dash of the spirit world, Hildie will bring you there.

This is a short story, supernatural, originally published at Fiction365. – Goodreads.com

I’ve been making an attempt to clear out some of my TBR pile, so here’s another one I’ve had for a while that I really wish I would have gotten to sooner.  Such a treat.

Before reading this story, grab your favorite beverage of choice, cup of tea, glass of wine, etc., go to your most comfortable reading spot, and give this short story your full attention.  I love how the reader is gradually introduced and drawn into Hildie’s world.  The writing is beautiful and so descriptive I felt as if I were with Hildie, standing beside her, seeing her surroundings in person.

I haven’t read much about runes, so that part of the story was especially interesting to me, as was the Norse mythology.  The only thing I didn’t like about this story was the fact that it was so short – I wanted to read more about Hildie and her world.

Two more books by this author are in my TBR pile and I look forward to reading them soon.

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