WIPpet Wednesday

Apologies to all the WIPpeteer’s blogs I missed last week.  I tried to drop by the last of imagesthem yesterday, but the link was gone, so I promise to make up for it this week!

Some snow from over two weeks ago is still on the ground, and now it’s been raining nonstop since yesterday afternoon, changing to 4 to 8 inches of ice tonight.  Is spring even a season anymore?

We had family visiting last week, so I wasn’t able to write every day, but something possessed me on Sunday and Monday and I turned into a writing machine.  As with the epiphanies from last week, this doesn’t happen often enough – or concurrently with the epiphanies – which would be fantastic if they could get on the same schedule.

Anyway, my math from this week works like this:  3 x 4 = chapter 12, and stay with me on this, I may need a calculator: 2 + 0 – 1 + 5 = 6 lines.  Cain and Finn have decided to try and communicate with Sarah, who they suspect is a ghost, but they’re a little unclear about the whole ghost-contact-protocol.

“Any idea how we go about getting Sarah to come out and talk with us?  Do we need a Ouija board or something like that?  A medium?”

“How the hell would I know, Finn?  It’s not like I’ve done this before.”

“Well, you said the attic door keeps opening, so maybe we should start up there.  How about the corner that was so cold?  That seems king of logical, right?”

After losing two out of three rounds of rock, paper, scissors because neither of us was too anxious to go up first, I mean, seriously, we’re talking about a ghost here, I led the way up the stairs. 

To join in on the fun or to read other WIPpet Wednesday’s, go here.  Thanks to our host, K.L. Schwengel!

14 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. My own personal ghost-contact-protocol is “stay the hell away from it” but that’s why I’M not the main character in a book. I really like the conversational tone in the last paragraph.


    1. I think that’s probably most people’s protocol (unless you’re on Ghosthunters), but I’m glad it’s not Cain and Finn’s protocol, because I wouldn’t have anything to write about!


  2. I loved the rock, paper, scissors to. Personally, if I were them, I’d try to get some EVPs. While you can get more immediate responses from Ouija boards, there’s always the ‘you’re moving it, no I’m not, yes you are!’ debate, plus those things are just bad news.


  3. It’s nice to see they’re brave enough to try to find out more about her. Poor Cain, but as selection methods go, rock-paper-scissors sounds perfectly logical to me! I love that last line – “I mean, seriously”, lol!


  4. kathils

    Ah, yeah, sorry. I take the link down on Mondays. Sometimes in the a.m. sometimes not until later — depends on when I remember.

    “After losing two out of three rounds of rock, paper, scissors because neither of us was too anxious to go up first,” Oh man, this made me laugh. Good ol’ r/p/s. *snort*


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