No Way Home (A Science Fiction Anthology)

Stories From Which There is No Escape.

Nothing terrifies us more than being stranded. Helpless, forsaken, cut-off. Locked in a 24635638place from which there is no escape, no way to get home.

A soldier trapped in an endless war dies over and over, only to be awakened each time to fight again – one of the last remaining few seeking to save mankind from extinction.

In rural 70s England, an RAF radio engineer returns to an abandoned military installation, but begins to suffer hallucinations, shifts in time and memories that are not his own.

A widower, one of ten thousand civilian space explorers, is sent alone to determine his assigned planet’s suitability for human colonisation, but stumbles across a woman who is part of the same programme and shouldn’t be there at all.

A suicidal woman in a poverty-stricken near-future America, where political apathy has allowed special interests to gain control of the country, takes part in a particularly unpleasant crowd-funding platform, established by the nation’s moneyed elite to engage the masses.

An assassin from the future, sent back in time to murder an insurgent, is left stranded when he fails in his mission and knows he will soon cease to exist.

These sometimes dark, sometimes heart-warming, but always insightful stories and more are to be found in No Way Home, where eight of the most exciting new voices in speculative fiction explore the mental, physical and even meta-physical boundaries that imprison us when we are lost. –

I do enjoy a good sci-fi read, so when I received a copy of this book, it was a little slice of heaven.  With the overall theme of ‘no way home’, literally being stranded in some way, all of these short stories were fascinating reads of the various authors’ interpretations of that theme.  The following are some that particularly resonated with me:

More of a blend of sci-fi and dystopia, Revolver, by Michael Patrick Hicks, was difficult to read because of its subject matter, but that didn’t make it any less thrilling.  The MC, Cara, just captivated me.  I could feel her sense of isolation, pain, and despair throughout the story and was rewarded with a highly gratifying ending.

After reading the description of To Sing of Chaos and Eternal Night, by Lucas Bale, with a soldier dying over and over, only to awake and fight again, I thought it reminiscent of the movie, Edge of Tomorrow.  As I got into the story, it was nothing like the movie, of course.  This story was exceptionally well-written, with some unforeseen twists and surprisingly touching moments.

In XE, or People Are Crazy, by S. Elliot Brandis, I enjoyed getting to know Bradley, a very unscientific-type ‘space wanderer’ sent to explore a planet’s suitability for colonization.  This author is gifted with imagery and I felt as if I were standing beside Bradley as he took in his new surroundings.  With some unpredictable elements as well, this was a very satisfying read.

If you’re a sci-fi fan, these very different, yet very similar stories will make you feel as if Christmas came early this year.  Highly recommended.  No Way Home is available today at Amazon!

I received a digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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