WIPpet Wednesday

Wasn’t it just Wednesday yesterday?  Despite being snowed in until Saturday, the week BookEditingseems like it just disappeared.

Not as productive this week with my writing, but I’m not so disappointed over that because I had a couple of epiphanies regarding plot – sometimes I’m a genius that way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen nearly enough.  I also have a character who is demanding to be in this story, but I really haven’t figured out exactly what his role is yet.  I’m hoping he lets me know soon so I can work with him.

So today’s math works like this:  2 + 5 = chapter 7, 20 – 15 = 5 lines – okay, 6 just because that finished the paragraph.  Nothing exciting today – Cain excited over Lindsey asking him out, and Finn giving him advice on his current girlfriend, Erin.

“I think she asked me out.  She mentioned doing something after her concert this week.”

“It’s time to get serious, bro.  You’ve got to get rid of Erin.  She’s like a virus that infects everyone she comes in contact with, just rotten to her core.  There’s nothing good about her.  Did you see her yesterday?”

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20 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. This is like a disaster waiting to happen.. I can feel a cringe coming on. Old girlfriend finds out about new girlfriend… Eek! Lol.
    Sometimes I think that I need to have more showers. Epiphanies seem to happen to me most in there… It’s that alone-with-my-thoughts-time that just rarely happens.


  2. Oooh, I like your maths, it has subtraction. 😮 And epiphanies are brilliant, although they always seem to happen when you can’t get near a pen and paper, don’t they? Glad you managed to corner a few. 🙂

    I love the conversation! Sounds like Cain better be careful, because this kind of thing never ever goes well… (But it’s always great for us readers!)


    1. Considering most of my epiphanies happen in the shower or on the treadmill, it’s definitely a little difficult to get near a pen and paper. Just wish they’d come around more often.


  3. kathils

    Wow, Finn just really cut to the chase there, didn’t he. Hmmmm

    I have a character that is in-again-out-again and of the last re-start out, sad to say. I love him to bits, and he could provide some great moments, I just don’t know how to make it work. And then I do. And then I don’t.


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