WIPpet Wednesday

I’m loving my new laptop and got a good amount of writing done over the last week.  Of course, we’re snowed in, so I haven’t been able to leave the house since Sunday, butdownload that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I was afraid we weren’t going to have any snow days at all this year.  Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut.

So, today’s WIPpet involves Cain and his brother, Ethan.  Ethan is a 13-year-old genius, off the chart IQ, and he and Cain have never had the best brotherly relationship, mostly because they exist on entirely different planes and have zero in common, other than their parents.  I’ve been having some fun getting into their relationship.  My math today is 1 + 8 = chapter 9 and I just threw in enough paragraphs so that it made a little sense.

“I’m still curious as to how you suddenly developed such a deep understanding of chemistry.”

I released a huff of breath, so tired of having to explain my memory lapses.  “I already told you, Ethan, I have no idea.  I don’t remember anything.  Why don’t you go away and leave me alone and maybe I’ll develop a deep understanding of calculus.”

“Would you like some help?”

Well, that was weird.  Usually he insisted I make an appointment with him because of his “intense academic schedule” and even then, I had to practically beg for his help.

For more WIPpets, check out this link.  Thanks again to K.L. Schwengel for hosting!


26 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

    1. I have a friend whose sons are about 3 years apart. The older one struggles with his math grades, while the younger one breezes through it and helps the older one with his homework. My friend has made it a point to highlight each of their strengths – everyone can’t be good at everything. Her sons may be an exception, but it’s worked well for them.


  1. Poor Ethan. Having a genius for a brother can NOT be fun. Well, maybe sometimes. I wonder why little bro is so interested in helping all of a sudden. Do I smell ulterior motives? Or has big bro finally demonstrated interest in something little bro can relate to?


  2. Totally feeling for Cain, here. Having a genius brother can be very difficult. So hard to develop any understanding. I love the back and forth here. Sibling relationships are often my favorite relationships to read about.


  3. kathils

    I love the back and forth here, and the whole “having to make an appointment.” LOL In our family that usually comes out as “take a number and stand in line.”


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