WIPpet Wednesday

And here we are again.  I have to apologize for not getting around to all the other WIPpeteer’s blogs last week.  Several days of my valuable time (which I will never get back) were spent dealing with a cable provider sent from the bowels of hell to torment their subscribers and provide the worst customer service ever known to man (bet you can guess who it is).  Consequently, I dropped them (hopefully back to where they were originally spawned), then spent numerous hours changing my email address 200+ times, getting satellite service, and a new internet provider.  Did I get much writing done last week?  That would be a resounding NO.  My son screwed up my computer – this is the third time – and I have to take it in for diagnostics.  Luckily, my new laptop should be here today, so hopefully things will improve.  Enough of my whining – life goes on.

My math works like this:  2 + 11 = page 13, 1 + 5 = 6 lines.  In this snippet, Cain is in bed, drifting in that hazy area between being asleep and awake, when he feels someone touching his forehead.  Eby is his cat.

I struggled to wake myself up, frantically climbing toward consciousness as I brushed at my forehead, expecting to feel someone else’s hands.  Bolting straight up, fully awake now, my eyes darted around the room, into the corners with their dark shadows.  Fumbling across the nightstand, I turned on the lamp.  As light flooded the room, chasing away the darkness, I saw I was alone.  Looking on the floor, thinking maybe it had been Eby brushing against my face before he’d jumped down, I came up with nothing.  He was nowhere in sight. 

If you’d like to read more WIPpets, go here – thanks to KL Schwengel for hosting!  I promise to get to everyone’s WIPpet this week – unless my computer crashes before the laptop gets here.  Just tracked it and it’s out for delivery!

28 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Sharing a computer with kids can be hazardous! So glad mine saved up (for years) to get laptops. Of course, one year later the boy had to have his computer taken in for servicing. At least it wasn’t mine he tortured anymore!

    I love that the waking cause wasn’t resolved. I also loved the urgency to get to waking. Been there (as I think many have) and I feel you captured it very well. Hope your new laptop brings you joy. 🙂


  2. I kind of want to hug you right now. Unless you do not like virtual hugs, in which case I will totally respect your boundaries. But anyway, this is because….well, life just kind of throws crap around sometimes, and sometimes it’s good to not be the only one standing around going, “WTF, life? WHY?” >.>

    For the snippet….BEEN THERE. It’s creepy as all get out and the creepiness doesn’t go away for what feels like forever. Well portrayed!


    1. Eby is short for Ebony – he’s a black cat. We’ve had two black cats and both have had very distinctive personalities. One of them actually gave me the idea for this story.


  3. kathils

    Internet and computer woes. Hate them. Unfortunately, they do tend to completely suck up enormous chunks of time, don’t they? It’s an evil plot by someone.

    Perhaps the same someone creeping Cain out, hmmmm? I hate that sensation.


    1. My husband can’t even figure out how to turn on the TV without help most of the time, so to have a husband who could fix my computer is just beyond my comprehension – I guess a girl can dream though, right?


  4. That was beautifully creepy! Poor Cain, it looks like things are starting to pick up now… and not in the best way (for him–for us, definitely). I wonder how many times he’s blamed mysterious things on the poor cat…

    Good luck with your new laptop! Are you going to give the one that’s in for diagnostics to your son, then?


  5. Sorry about all the tech troubles. We’re gearing up for vacation, and there are so many little details to take care of…

    Love the excerpt. It’s got a hint of eerie suspense to it. I’m looking around, with my eyes wide and my breath short.


      1. Hopefully, we don’t forget anything essential…everyone’s essentially packed (except for my Accomplice, and he’s sure he can do that in five minutes), boarding passes printed, and stores and family waiting for us at the other end…

        We expect to have a delightful time with people we love.

        Thanks for the well-wishes! =D


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