Blockbuster by Lisa von Biela

In the year 2025, survival of the fittest takes on new importance. Hungry for market 23551225share and driven by greed, BigPharma companies battle to produce the next blockbuster drug. And they will go to any length to win—and survive.

Dan Tremaine has found the secret to success for Denali Labs. Phil Horton is desperate to save his family firm, Horton Drugs. When they’re put in a head-to-head competition to find the cure for a deadly flesh-eating disease, who will win?

And at what cost?

The clock is ticking. The body count is rising.

And someone has created a monster. –

Everything I’ve read from DarkFuse has been enjoyable, but this one had its ups and downs – mainly downs.

The story lacked a real protagonist.  There were no moral compasses among these characters, their behaviors muddied with varying shades of gray and black.  The dialogue felt very stilted and unrealistic much of the time.  The technical jargon wasn’t the problem – it was more of the routine conversations between people that didn’t ring true for me and sounded awkward.

On the other hand, the pace was great and more than anything, I was interested in seeing just how far these loathsome BigPharma people would go to make money.  The ending just kind of fizzled out – no earth-shattering moments or twists in the story.

Overall, I thought the idea was intriguing, but the characters and dialogue didn’t pull this story together for me.  Blockbuster is scheduled for publication January 6, 2015.

This review is based on a digital ARC from the publisher through NetGalley.


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