WIPpet Wednesday

And so begins my shameless stealing borrowing of ideas from other bloggers.  I’m sure this meme exists on numerous blogs, but the first time I came upon it was on Elaine Jeremiah’s blog, which is full of excerpts from her books, author interviews, and book promotions.  Make sure to stop by and visit.  Thanks, Elaine!

Today’s WIP is a few paragraphs from a short story I’ve actually finished and entered in a contest under the horror category – keep your fingers crossed.  As I’ve never posted any of my original work, I’d love some feedback.  And be honest – I’ve got thick skin.

I suspected something other than my mother, sister, and I lived in our house the first night we moved in.  My suspicions were confirmed the next morning.  Two days after that, I knew my life was in danger.

After moving across town and unpacking, I was exhausted and fell into bed sometime around midnight, my gray cat, Elmo, curled up beside me.  A few hours later, I was awakened by a rumbling noise and something vibrating against my hand.  I realized it was Elmo, ears flattened against his head, body rigid and fur bristling, a low, guttural growling emanating from his throat.  His gaze was unmoving as it focused on the dark corner by my desk.  Moonlight streaming through the window fell upon – something, but I could only make out a fuzzy shape that looked human and seemed to be slinking toward my bed.    

I didn’t know what was louder, Elmo’s growling or my pounding heart, but the unearthly keening noise he began making drowned out all other sound.  The shape seemed to lunge at us, causing Elmo to leap off the bed, dashing warp speed out of the room.  Squinting as I looked back at the corner, I could no longer make out a human shape, but still felt as if I weren’t alone.  “Is someone there?”  I whispered.  There was only a menacing, heavy silence that pinned me to my bed, afraid to move. 

“Is s-s-someone there?”  My answer came the next morning. 


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