I’m A Slacker

Alright, I’ll be the first one to say it – I’ve been a slacker with this blog.  When I first began, my intent was to write about not just books, but my journey to publication, mention movies I’d seen and liked, throw in images (1) some music, interview authors, help promote indie authors – but for the past year, almost 100% of the content of Books & Such has been book reviews, along with some promos for other authors tossed in here and there and some reblogs.  Not entirely what I’d set out to do.  Yeah, I can offer some excuses – I work, have two teenagers, I’m a band parent, my hubby travels a lot, leaving me a single parent, and I can easily curl up with a book and lose hours – but I’m also a procrastinator and tell myself I work best under pressure, which is actually true, but sometimes I still get distracted and make excuses.

So……..I’m making some changes.  I plan to talk more about my writing and hope some of you will hold me accountable for my word count progress and offer support.  I’ve gotten some fun ideas from other blogs that I plan on shamelessly stealing – but I promise to give credit where it’s due and link back to your blogs.  Last night, after encouragement blatant badgering from my son, I made a list of all my TBR books and it’s 80+, so don’t be surprised if you see some reviews of older books over the next several months – I’m committed to getting that list down to a more manageable number (and hopefully won’t be adding two more to every one I read).

If any of you would like to offer suggestions about what I could add to Books & Such, I’m open to ideas.  My new motto is below.



6 thoughts on “I’m A Slacker

  1. Wendi Mitchell

    Glad to see your muse wanting to stretch her wings, Teri. I, too, tell myself I work best under pressure — and I do, except I don’t like pressure. *LOL*


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