Close Reach by Jonathan Moore

19481077In a riveting tale of suspense and terror on the high seas, Jonathan Moore pits human beings against nature—and something far deadlier: one another.

Kelly Pratihari-Reid and her husband sail their yacht into Antarctic waters, thinking their gravest concerns will be ice and storms—and their cracked marriage. A British girl shrieking across a short-range VHF frequency ends that illusion. It’s coming, she screams. It saw us and it’s coming back! Her voice is drowned by a tide of signal-jamming static, and Kelly sees a target on the radar screen: A ship is coming for them.

Thus begins an unforgettable cat-and-mouse game across stormy polar seas and dire landfalls. Kelly’s pursuers will test her to the limits of her endurance—and beyond. For the ship in her wake is crewed by pirates, with a young leader trained to use the most sadistic tortures in pursuit of his ultimate objective . . . a goal as shocking as it is horrific. –

Wow – this book didn’t waste any time in getting directly to the action.  It’s a good thing it was a short read because once I started, I most definitely didn’t want to put it down.

The cover very appropriately displays how this couple was surrounded by a vast ocean and had no one in close proximity who could help them.  They literally only had each other and with the situation they were in, that was a very scary thought when reading this book.

At the beginning, I had my doubts about Kelly, afraid she would be useless in a crisis, but she surprised me and turned out to be very strong and resourceful.  Some readers may be horrified by her actions – I wasn’t one of them.  I was with her all the way.

Being set on a yacht, all the sailing jargon flew right over my head and I admit I skimmed through a lot of it, but it was obvious the author was either an experienced sailor or had done his research.  Other than that, I was glued to this book and the description of “a riveting tale of suspense and terror” is exactly what you can expect from this novel.  The pacing was perfect, the writing flowed, and I’m pretty sure I was holding my breath at some parts.  I would highly recommend this to suspense/horror fans who don’t shy away from extreme situations.

This review is based on a digital ARC from the publisher through NetGalley.

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