Beyond Darkness: Shattered by Sarah M. Cradit

Anasofiya Deschanel fled to Maine to escape her mistakes. She learned quickly, and violently, youPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00004] cannot run from what’s inside you.

Following a series of unfortunate events, Ana finds herself drowning in the consequences of actions which left her heart cruelly divided between the St. Andrews brothers. Jon’s embrace of darkness soon turns to dangerous cruelty, while Finn’s kind heart offers a promise of love she does not feel she deserves. Between all three of them lies a secret with the potential to change everything.

When the truth comes crashing down, Ana is forced to face the same demons she once ran from. As she learns more about who she is, and the situation she’s created, these realizations drive her to a desperate decision that will change everyone’s lives, forever. –

As always, a beautiful cover that sets the overall tone of the story.  After reading The Illusions of Eventide, I had a lot of questions about Ana and Finn and this novella filled in the blanks and added even more depth to their characters, in addition to a disquieting glimpse into Jon’s mind.

I’ve always been a fan of Nicolas – I just like his straightforward attitude; however, after reading Shattered, I think I want to wrap up Finn and take him home.  He had to face a lot of disturbing truths about his life in this story and made some mistakes along the way, but wasn’t afraid to admit fault.

At times in this novella, I just wanted to smack Ana and tell her to quit wallowing in her darkness, come up for air and appreciate what she’s got – a caring and supportive family and an amazing guy who loves her for who she really is.  For a reader to react that way to a fictional character is just great character development by the author, in my opinion.

Although short, this novella brings a lot to the table in terms of Ana’s, Finn’s, and Jon’s characters and isn’t something you want to miss in this series.  I agree with the author that The Illusions of Eventide should be read before this book.

This review is based on a digital copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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