A Door Unlocked by Calvin Dean

Vanessa Fitzgerald wishes she had never heard of Bobby Ray Ledbetter, a released convict who 9781492327370_p0_v1_s260x420murdered her husband, abducted the couple’s eight-year-old daughter and brutally beat and raped the young mother. While in a medically induced coma, Vanessa receives messages from her husband’s grave – vital clues in an otherwise cold case. But after recovering, the communications cease. Under the guidance of renowned parapsychologist, Dr. Sebastian Dietrich, the transmissions resume, providing valuable leads into her daughter’s location – and Bobby Ray’s accomplices.

Buoyed by his success, Dietrich longs to harness eternity’s knowledge and power by bridging the divide between the living and the dead. He accepts a guided tour into the afterlife from Vanessa’s deceased husband. But will his journey lead to the rescue of the Fitzgerald’s daughter? And what about the others involved in the web of corruption? Only Vanessa holds the key to A DOOR UNLOCKED. – Goodreads.com

When I reviewed Calvin Dean’s The Epitaph of Jonas Barloff, I said he had a wonderful way with words and made me feel like I was right there watching his characters.  That hasn’t changed.  Read my review at http://wp.me/p2NuCe-8W.

Telling a reader how the mother of a kidnapped daughter feels is one thing, but actually getting the reader to experience that emotion requires talent and this book was a turmoil of emotion for me.  I felt Vanessa’s anger, frustration, worry, helplessness, and determination throughout the story.  The author didn’t delve into a lot of detail of the rape scene, something for which I was grateful, but gave enough information that the reader knew exactly what had happened.

I love books that have a paranormal angle and Lydia’s father, despite not being alive, was a very believable character for me.  What father wouldn’t fight to do everything he could to find his kidnapped daughter – including reaching out from beyond the grave?  His motivation was perfectly understandable.  Although only 8-years-old, Lydia was a strong and intelligent character and had me rooting for her immediately.

The suspense of finding out this wasn’t just some random kidnapping, but actually a “web of corruption” added depth to the plot and compelled me to keep reading, even into the wee hours of the morning (I finished the book in 2 days).

If you haven’t discovered Calvin Dean’s books yet, you’re missing out on a talent to watch.  Visit his blog at http://calvindean.blogspot.com/

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