1-Day Only, 12/10 Huge Book Sale—Read Tuesday


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Today is Read Tuesday, a Black Friday type of sale just for book lovers on December 10. It’s one day only.

This brief list shows the variety that Read Tuesday has to offer. Scroll down below the list to learn how to find more Read Tuesday books (there are hundreds):

  • Popular historical fiction novels, like:
    • Shades of Gray by Jessica James (185 reviews). A Civil War novel.
    • Maids of Misfortune by M. Louisa Locke (561 reviews). A Victorian San Francisco mystery.
    • The Golden Dice by Elisabeth Storrs (36 reviews). Ancient Rome tale.
    • Camp Follower by Suzanne Adair (28 reviews). American Revolution mystery.
    • Havana Lost by Libby Fischer Hellmann (71 reviews). Cuban Revolution thriller.
    • Red Clay and Roses by S.K. Nicholls (16 reviews). Deep south.
    • Kitsune-Tsuki by Laura VanArendonk Baugh (18 reviews). Japanese historical fantasy.
    • There are more good historical fiction books. Explore the Read Tuesday catalog.
  • There are…

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