Pandemic (Infected #3) by Scott Sigler

8087710The explosive conclusion to the New York Times bestselling trilogy that began with Infected and Contagious.

The alien intelligence that unleashed two horrific assaults on humanity has been destroyed. But before it was brought down in flames, it launched one last payload-a tiny soda-can-sized canister filled with germs engineered to wreak new forms of havoc on the human race. That harmless-looking canister has languished under thousands of feet of water for years, undisturbed and impotent…until now.

Days after the new disease is unleashed, a quarter of the human race is infected. Entire countries have fallen. And our planet’s fate now rests on a small group of unlikely heroes, racing to find a cure before the enemies surrounding them can close in. –

Pandemic is the third in a series and although I haven’t read the first two, I had no problem jumping right into this one as the author gives a brief summary at the beginning of the book.

To say this book is action-packed and fast-paced is an understatement.  A lot is going on in this story and there are numerous characters, but I never found it difficult to keep them straight.  The character that became my favorite actually started out being one I didn’t care for at all.  I initially found Dr. Tim Feely (Dr. Feelygood) to be creepy, repulsive, and the kind of man who overlooks a women’s intelligence, instead speaking to her in sexual innuendos.  But he redeemed himself – can’t tell you how, but it took a lot for me to change my mind about him.

Something I found interesting was that this male author had mostly female characters in positions of power – can’t say I’ve ever seen that before and it was a nice change.  I also liked that some of the characters were faced with hard choices in almost impossible situations and the author didn’t shy away from that.  The science of the story fascinated me and could easily make a reader become paranoid about what they could catch from just touching surfaces or breathing air, which just added to the story.

Although the last fifty or so pages flew by because of the action and tense situations, I felt like the story could have been tightened up a little in the middle.  There were parts that  seemed to drag a little and I was ready to wrap things up and move along.

I’d recommend Pandemic to anyone who enjoys action/adventure, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic thrillers.  Pandemic is scheduled to be published January 21, 2014.

This review is based on a digital ARC from the publisher through NetGalley.

6 thoughts on “Pandemic (Infected #3) by Scott Sigler

  1. I’d like to go back and read the first two books, but my TBR pile seems never-ending also, Bradley. Wouldn’t mind having a week long vacation and do nothing but read!


    1. That would be the best! My only problem is I get distracted on doing other things, lol. Hey I am working on that request you asked me to do and just wanted to be sure your email in the About.Me over there is correct? (I have to use a different email account than my gmail so want to be sure it goes to the right place)


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