Timesplash by Graham Storrs

It started out as something underground, edgy and cool. Then Sniper took it all too far and 18054749timesplashing became the ultimate terrorist weapon.

Scarred by their experiences in the time travelling party scene, Jay and Sandra are thrown together in what becomes the biggest manhunt in history: the search for Sniper, Sandra’s ex-boyfriend and a would-be mass murderer.

Set in the near future, Timesplash is a fast-paced action thriller. Filled with great characters, a sprinkling of romance, and a new and intriguing take on time travel, Timesplash is ultimately a very human tale about finding bravery through fear, and never giving up.

Highly recommended for science fiction and thriller enthusiasts alike. – Goodreads.com

I’m a sucker for books about time travel, so this sounded like an interesting read.  The description doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but basically there are ‘bricks’ (people) who are lobbed back into time, making a ‘splash’.  Then someone gets the idea to kill an important person in history, and the manhunt begins.  Pretty good plot, right?

I’ll agree that the plot was intriguing – however, for me, the sci-fi aspects of the story were more believable than the characters.  I didn’t care for Sandra’s character at all.  She was an insecure teenager (14 years old when the story begins) and basically looking for a man to take care of her.  A couple of years later, she’s still insecure, but has transformed into someone with the skill set of a highly trained anti-terrorist operative after spending two years in a mental institution.  Not likely.  Jay, who actually is a highly trained operative, was more likeable, but made decisions like the 19-year-old that he is.

Although I enjoyed the actual story and it was well-written, it was a little confusing at first because of the multiple POV’s – a lot of characters to keep straight, and I felt like more of the focus should have been on the time travel aspect rather than pages of police procedure.  The action sequences were exciting and the pacing, for the most part, was good.  If you’re a sci-fi fan, especially time travel, you make want to look into this series, but concentrate more on the plot line than the characters.

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.

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