Vacation Means……

Well guys, I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow and that means – beaching reading!  There’s no place I’d rather read than on the beach under my umbrella with a cooler by my side.  Trying to knock some things off my TBR list and have three hardbacks (don’t like taking my Nook on the beach) and three Nook books for indoor reading.  If you’re interested (and even if you’re not), here’s the list:

17178032I’m almost finished reading this one – met the author at the Southern Kentucky Bookfest in April and she was kind enough to allow me to read and review her book.  Look for my review and an author interview in the next couple of weeks.

179780I’ve always wanted to read this book.  Scariest movie ever.  ‘Nuff said.

12888599A bunch of people stuck in a life boat together = vicious group dynamics.

17928249I’ve only heard good things about this book.  Looking forward to reading it.

12139963This book had me at genetic engineering.

13455112I also met this author at the Southern Kentucky Bookfest.  She’s from an area I lived in for 18 years.

Obviously, I won’t be able to finish all of them, but I’ll give it my best.  Heard there are other activities at the beach also, so I guess I’ll have to crawl out from under my umbrella every now and then.  Let you know how it was when I get back!

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