Frozen Solid by James M. Tabor

An international group of scientists known as Triage believes that overpopulation is dooming the planet, causing climate change, water scarcity, famine, pandemics, and more. For civilization to survive, the scientists conclude that the earth’s population must be reduced—drastically and without delay. But killing is not part of their agenda. Instead, they will genetically engineer and disseminate a common virus that is really a carrier for15798086 something much more sinister.

After the mysterious death of a colleague, microbiologist Hallie Leland is dispatched to the South Pole to continue her friend’s research. What she uncovers are alarming details of Triage’s plot, which pits her against forces more terrible than she could have imagined. Now, in one of earth’s loneliest and most treacherous places, where high altitude and extreme environmental conditions can play tricks on the mind, Hallie finds that she has only five days to stop the shocking plan from taking hold.  (

This book was like a combination of Douglas Preston and Michael Crichton – a lot of intense action with some science added to the mix – and I was captivated from the first page.  At times I was holding my breath because of the dangerous situations Hallie found herself in or, being slightly claustrophobic, I couldn’t get enough air in others.  The author either did extensive research or is an experienced climber and diver – either way, I learned a good bit about both and it helped in better visualization of the scenes.

Hallie is a very strong, intelligent, and opinionated female protagonist and didn’t back down from any situation.  Thrown into a very difficult situation after learning the truth about the death of her colleague, Hallie is unsure who to trust, if anyone.  The only problem I came across was, at one point in the book, due to the environment and other circumstances beyond her control, Hallie became disoriented and physically ill, but soon after, seemed miraculously cured and regained total clarity, with no explanation.  If you can overlook that, the book is a good read for anyone who enjoys action/adventure thrillers.  Frozen Solid is due to be published March 26, 2013.

This review is based on a digital ARC from the publisher.

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