Stitch by Samantha Durante

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Her heart races, her muscles coil, and every impulse in Alessa’s body screams at her to run… but yet she’s powerless to move.

Still struggling to find her footing after the sudden death of her parents, the last thing college freshman 15779886Alessa has the strength to deal with is the inexplicable visceral pull drawing her to a handsome ghostly presence. In between grappling with exams and sorority soirees – and disturbing recurring dreams of being captive in a futuristic prison hell – Alessa is determined to unravel the mystery of the apparition who leaves her breathless. But the terrifying secret she uncovers will find her groping desperately through her nightmares for answers.

Because what Alessa hasn’t figured out yet is that she’s not really a student, the object of her obsession is no ghost, and her sneaking suspicions that something sinister is lurking behind the walls of her university’s idyllic campus are only just scratching the surface…

The opening installment in a twist-laden trilogy, Stitch spans the genres of paranormal romance and dystopian sci-fi to explore the challenges of a society in transition, where morality, vision, and pragmatism collide leaving the average citizen to suffer the results.

This was an amazing book that grabbed me from the first page and never let go.  I found it hard to believe Samantha Durante was a first time author because the writing flowed so well.  You know how it is – you’re reading along, totally engrossed in the book, and then you come across bad grammar, poor sentence structure, etc., and it’s like hitting a speed bump on the interstate.  That absolutely never happened in this book.

One of the things I liked the most was the surprise of it all.  Beginning with what I thought was a YA paranormal ghost story, it evolved into what I’d classify as New Adult dystopian.  I’m a huge fan of both paranormal and dystopian/sci-fi, so I was one happy girl.  I’ve read my share of dystopian novels and I have to say, this was a unique setting to me.

The two main female characters weren’t the damsel in distress types – when they encountered a problem or an obstacle, they attempted to find a way to solve it or get around it.  The author’s character development gave me a good sense of who the MCs were and what motivated their actions.  It’s always good to care about the MCs – I’ve read a few books where I couldn’t have cared less about their fate – eaten by zombies, captured by Russians – I just didn’t care.  That wasn’t the case in Stitch.

With this being the first book in a trilogy, not all questions were answered, but that’s why you go back for more.  And I definitely will – Shudder, the second in the trilogy, comes out this summer, so you’d better get started on Stitch now!  Stitch is available in paperback and for Kindle at the following link:

Next week I’ll interview Samantha Durante, the author of Stitch.  Make sure you don’t miss it!

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