What Books Did You Read As A Child?

Today we’re going to reminisce about childhood – if we can remember that far back.  My earliest memory involving books is my Dad reading to me.  When I was older, I read my way through the school library pretty quickly – small school – and moved on to the city library – also not that big.

I spent countless enjoyable hours on the couch, bed, or porch swing with Nancy Drew by Carolyn 233637Keene  and The Bobbsey Twins by Laura Lee Hope.  Looking on the Barnes & Noble website, I noticed Nancy has been given an updated look, but The Bobbsey Twins covers are the same or without pictures.  It was nice to see these books are still around.  During my volunteer days at the school library, the Nancy Drew books were still pretty popular, but no sign of The Bobbsey Twins.  I saw a lot of Judy Moody being checked out.  The first “horror” book I remember reading (although it wouldn’t be classified as horror by today’s standards) was Summer of Fear by Lois Duncan when I was in third grade.  It’s still available on the B&N website – I couldn’t believe it.  Not  long after that, I discovered Stephen King and was a goner.

With two sons, I don’t have to tell you they’re unfamiliar with Nancy and the twins.  However, my younger son and I read numerous books of The Magic Treehouse Series.  These books were all educational, with the MC’s traveling back in time to some historical event or place, and also entertaining.  He loved these books and I was a little sad when he grew out of them, but he’s become more of a reader than his older brother.  My oldest son had an early love of dinosaurs and we read everything he could get his hands on.  During a unit on dinosaurs in kindergarten, his teacher informed me my son had corrected her about some facts – and he was 856115right.  Yes, I was proud.  These days, unless it’s Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, or something required for class, he’s not reading.

I can remember asking my Dad years ago what books he enjoyed reading as a child and he said Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Davis Wyss.  According to my youngest son, my Dad is “the oldest person he knows” (not true), and if he can remember, surely you can too, so let’s get some comments going.  What did you read?  What did you read to your kids?  Share!

7 thoughts on “What Books Did You Read As A Child?

  1. susan @ snap and run

    I read some of the Nancy Drew books and a lot of Judy Blume, but I was mostly of the Sweet Valley Twins/High and Babysitters Club (original series!) generation. I also discovered Stephen King at an early age and for almost a decade I was all S.K. and Dean Koontz!

    My daughter is currently in LOVE with the Magic Treehouse Series!


  2. Susan – I loved Dean Koontz too – still have several of his books, but need to get caught up on the most recent ones. Nice to hear your daughter is a fan of the Magic Treehouse Series!


  3. Susan Thomison

    Well I cannot remember titles and authors but I do remember the adventure of visiting the library. The library was 2 miles from our home three neighborhoods away. After my chores were completed, I was allowed to hop on my tattered, yellow, banana seat bike and make the trek to this magical place. The librarian would help me find a treasure. I would present my very important library card and carry my prize home in a bag that draped my shoulder like a Girl Scout sash. This freedom and privilege made me feel like such an adult.


  4. So many childhood books to choose from but I remember I loved the Adventure series by Willard Price – still have those on the Childrens Library bookshelf now, mostly for my own nostalgia I think, but they still go out on loan, which is great! In the UK it’s mostly Beast Quest for boys and Rainbow Magic for girls now, funny how they fall into stereotype at such an early age (unlike myself judging by the above choice)! The rise of the fictional diary is fun though, from Wimpy Kid to Dork. Just as long as the kids are coming along and reading ,anything is ok by me!!


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